Every year many of our students participate in the Solo/Ensemble Contest.  Following are details of this event that you might find helpful.  


Who: All Beginning, Philharmonic and Symphonic Orchestra students. This is a major grade.  The contest is not mandatory but highly recommended. If students do not participate in the contest, they will perform their solo/ensemble for the class.


What: This is a wonderful opportunity for your student to “showcase” his or her talents!   All Beginning Orchestra members have received a packet of solos (their choosing) to prepare.  Philharmonic and Symphonic students may choose a solo, ensemble or both.    

On the day of contest, each student will perform their solo for a judge.  The judges are friendly teachers from our district or region.   It sounds scary, but it’s really NOT!  The judges give helpful comments on what the student does well and how they can improve.  An individual rating is given and most students will receive a nice medal.  It’s a win-win!

Cost of participation is:

Solo- $10

Ensemble- $15 (divided evenly by each ensemble member)

Checks ONLY to Cobb Middle School Orchestra Booster Club

Helpful documents students have received: Entry Form and Information Sheet


When: The contest date is Saturday, April 23

Directors are responsible to assign performance times.  If you have an afternoon or morning preference, I will do my best to try to accommodate your needs.  Once I receive the “entry form” and check, I will begin to enter students.


Where: Stafford Middle School, 2288 Little River Dr., Frisco