About the Orchestra

The Cobb Middle School Orchestra is looking forward to the 2017-2018 school year as we build on the fun and success we enjoyed last year. Currently the orchestra boasts more than 120 musicians, which is record membership for Cobb!

The orchestra includes three levels, in ascending order of skill:

  • Beginning

  • Philharmonic

  • Symphonic


Student Accolades

Last year the Cobb Orchestra earned many awards in area competitions:

  • Symphonic – Sweepstakes Award, UIL

  • Beginning – 1st Place, Division 1, Sandy Lake Orchestra Festival

  • All Levels – over 40 First Division awards at Solo/Ensemble

  • Symphonic – several qualifiers for All Region

Congratulations to our returning Cobb Orchestra superstars!


Fun, Fun, Fun!

When it comes to fun, Cobb Orchestra students certainly know what that’s all about! Some of our group socials throughout the year include:

  • Game Night

  • Braum’s

  • Urban Air

  • Movie night

  • Main Event

  • Hawaiian Falls